Auto Injury & Whiplash Testimonials

My body has undergone a great deal of stress. I had surgery to correct my speech; I also had some dentition work done. I had an accident while helping a friend move into his apartment building. I tripped and rolled down the stairs. I was in hospital for days, and I got a lot better. I made up my mind to see a chiropractor after my friend (who was domestically abused for years) told me that it helped her get really better. When I arrived here, everyone was really nice and I got a thousand questions answered during the consultation, and I just knew that I wanted this facility to be the place where my healing would start. The doctor is GREAT! The staff is absolutely amazing – this is very surprising to me because I find it really difficult to like anyone, ever! I scheduled my appointment after the consultation, and after a few weeks of receiving treatment, I can yell “I feel good!”

Edward L.

I have been going here for years after a motorcycle injury dislocated my clavicle. They are skilled professional people. Dr. DelBene runs marathons. They practice what they preach!!

Cayrn L.