Hip ,Leg & Knee Pain

Hip ,Leg & Knee Pain

I’ve always been a proponent of chiropractic treatment, but like everyone else, sometimes my health eludes me, and for a period of two years, I was not really able to run due to my knee pain. Doctor Michelle took one look at me one day when I stopped by, and saw something and after a quick evaluation I got the table. A few quick adjustments I felt a bit better, but this is not the end of the story though.

The next day, I was at the job nice and early in the morning waiting for my clients to show up, and I walked outside to see where they were. Turned out they were just down the street. I was suddenly hit with a thought to run down the street and greet my client.

Not only did I run down the street, but I ran all the way back to my office and pointed them into a parking spot. It was AMAZING how just after one simple adjustment, the pain that I had been feeling for two years had gone away, and I was returned to my normal energetic self, and since then I have been consistently getting treatments and I have lost (and kept off) 20lbs from being optimized by the good Doctor.

Doctor Michelle helped me, and I know without a doubt that anyone that experiences any physical hindrance or problem, Doctor Michelle will flush it out and can keep it out. THANK YOU DOCTOR MICHELLE FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!

Dominic W.