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Chiropractic San Jose CA Functional Neurology

Functional neurology examines and evaluates minute adjustments to the neurological system before they develop into more serious issues.

Numerous practice modalities, including chiropractic, psychotherapy, occupational therapy, and even some practitioners of traditional western medicine, have adopted the practice of functional neurology. San Jose CA Chiropractors, however, employ functional neurology more commonly.

Functional neurology is basically the application of neuroscience research from laboratory investigations and the investigation of how it might be used realistically in inpatient treatment. The nervous system will be safeguarded and encouraged to flourish by receiving the right amount of fuel and stimulation.

The aim is to either treat nervous system disorders without medication or as a supplement to medication-only therapy.

How Does Functional Neurology Work In San Jose CA?

To determine the location, nature, and degree of the neurological imbalance, a thorough examination is the first step in the functional neurology treatment process. The doctor will also try to determine what is causing the imbalance and its symptoms.

Usually, a medical neurologist will treat aberrant nerve function with medication or surgery. In order to restore nerve function, a functional neurologist often uses physical, non-invasive stimulation. Several examples are as follows:

  • Certain eye movements: saccades, pursuits, and optokinetic reflex
  • Head motions that trigger the semicircular canals and otoliths are known as vestibular activation.
  • Using the Interactive Metronome as a form of sensory-motor stimulation can speed up reaction times to visual and aural signals.
  • Force plate exercises and vestibular rehabilitation therapy are both forms of balance therapy.
  • Exercises, adjustments, and manual treatment with a focus on the nervous system

What Does Functional Neurology Treat?

Although functional neurology therapy hasn't been approved as a treatment for any particular disease, it has been shown to aid with a variety of neurological condition symptoms.

Patients getting functional neurology treatments must be aware that the discipline is still regarded as a natural, all-encompassing kind of therapy and makes no claims to be able to treat any specific sickness or disease.

Functional neurology has been shown to benefit people with the following disorders, even though it is not a complete solution for numerous illnesses:

  • Vertigo and additional balance issues
  • Mild Head Injury Trauma
  • Post-concussion symptoms
  • Early signs of Parkinson's
  • Early signs of Alzheimer's
  • Dystonia
  • Chronic headaches and migraines
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Tremor disorders
  • Peripheral Neuropathy

These are just a handful of the many ailments for which functional neurological therapy has been proven effective. Functional neurology has been shown to lessen symptoms and enhance the quality of life for people with various disorders, even though it may not be the ultimate treatment.

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